Our Team

The GRACE team is on the frontlines of ending homelessness in Gainesville, and what we're doing is working! Here are the faces behind our organization, and a little bit of information on why we do what we do.



Executive Director, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x106

Email: jdecarmine@gracemarketplace.org

Please contact Jon regarding press inquires.

What does GRACE mean to me?: "When I look at what’s happening out at GRACE, I see an incredible opportunity to help people in my community take care of themselves. ... For the first time, we have the space, and the foundation, to really make a difference in the way we deliver services to the people who need them most, and to do it in a way that’s smart, and respectful, and genuinely helpful and supportive."



Director of Development, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x131

Email: jt@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: TBA




Director of Grants, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x117

Email: kslevin@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to you?: "GRACE is a place where I can help make a difference in our community. It’s where I can use my skills and experience to change lives. ... It’s the best of both worlds. I do the work I love, and I get to live out my faith in my job."



Director of Housing Services, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x107

Email: jmoises@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: "I love that GRACE is low-barrier and will serve people with an active addiction. There are no drugs or alcohol allowed on property, and people who receive our services are always encouraged to seek treatment. But if someone is under the influence and not violent, they can still receive services."



Director of Shelter Services, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x124

Email: jgruver@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: "GRACE means so many things, it is a place of compassion and hope. It is a place where people are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Where regardless of the issues you are dealing with you will be met with love, compassion, and understanding, I cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of it."



Administrative Coordinator, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x101

Email: admin@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: "Buddhist author, Lama Surya Das said, 'GRACE is the isness of life. It's the recognition that everything is connected and sacred'.  This phrase comes to mind when I think about GRACE.  GRACE is not just a shelter but a living system with its own culture and community. Its a place where our purpose is to assist, serve, and support others, regardless of their situation, without judgment."



Support Services Manager, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x145

Email: tmiddleton@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: "GRACE to me is something bigger than what most people see. I see a community coming together to help our most vulnerable community members. Our volunteers, staff, service providers, and our guests are remarkable folks!"



Kitchen Manager, Cafe 131 @ GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x126

Email: lbattles@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: "GRACE is a place where I can give all of my love and compassion. I strive to help people smile, feel happy, and joyful by serving our guests delicious food."




Case Manager, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x136

Email: rjones@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: "Working with this organization to end homelessness and seeing daily how our help brings hope.  It's a wonderful place to work."




Case Manager, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x118

Email: apinate@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: "For me, GRACE is a place where people come to do good for others and a place where all people can come to seek shelter and support services. I truly believe GRACE is a place where we do anything and everything possible to advocate for the end of homelessness."



Housing Specialist, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x112

Email: sburgos@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: "When we (G)ather together in the (R)ace to end homelessness you will always find an (A)bundance of (C)ompassion and a peace that is (E)verlasting because the race is not for us but for them."




Housing Specialist, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x143

Email: ralgero@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: "GRACE to me means giving people a chance to either overcome passed mistakes or harmful incidents by treating them with love and dignity. The organization GRACE to me has showed me the power of the definition of grace when it is put into action."



Intake Specialist, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x109

Email: lscott@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: TBA




Advocate Team Lead, GRACE

Phone: 352-792-0800 x125

Email: eeason@gracemarketplace.org

What does GRACE mean to me?: "It means being more passionate towards others, and realizing that anyone can become homeless, including me. Having empathy for other people's lives and situations. Forgiving others for their transgressions and shortcomings because we are all human."




Lauren Poe
Mayor, Gainesville, FL
"They're doing remarkable work and changing the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people."
Dr. Bernie Machen
President Emeritus, UF
"GRACE's early success represents a truly remarkable launch of a much-needed community resource."


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