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GRACE Helps Darryl Catch a Bus Back to His Family

Although it's not easy to think about, homelessness can happen to anyone, anywhere. In many cases, all it takes is a few missed paychecks due to a layoff to make the difference between having a secure home, and being on the street.


At GRACE, dedicated staff and volunteers work with all guests to enact a plan to find new employment, safe housing, and a fresh start. Sometimes, however, improving a person's chances of success is just a phone call and a few hundred bucks away.

That's how it went for Darryl, who was able to connect with family and found his way home after coming to GRACE.

Darryl came to GRACE and completed his intake with the Navigator team. When it was learned he may have an option to stay with family but had no way to get there, the plan was clear: find a way to get Darryl home.

Darryl was able to catch a bus back to his family thanks to a wonderful personal donor. We were happy to reunite him with family and get him back into housing!


Lauren Poe
Mayor, Gainesville, FL
"They're doing remarkable work and changing the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people."
Dr. Bernie Machen
President Emeritus, UF
"GRACE's early success represents a truly remarkable launch of a much-needed community resource."


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