GRACE Grows Garden

GRACE Grows provides a space where our guests can grow their own garden and interact with the community at large, learn about one another, and collaborate on a mission to wholeness. Many guests express that this garden is their reprieve from chaos and that they learn more through working the garden than they ever thought possible.

The volunteers who run GRACE Grows strive to foster an environment in which people can cultivate life, remember their value, and have a place where physical and psychological health is raised.

Grace Grows is currently growing high-quality food on-site and conducting an Horticultural Education Certificate Program that pays a stipend through an 8-week internship program. Through education and mentorship they work with participants to find employment in agricultural and horticultural jobs. GRACE Grows! currently has 21 vegetable beds, 2 herb beds, a fruit tree garden, a bird garden, and flower gardens. To learn more, visit them on Facebook or contact [email protected] 


Lauren Poe
Mayor, Gainesville, FL
"They're doing remarkable work and changing the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people."
Dr. Bernie Machen
President Emeritus, UF
"GRACE's early success represents a truly remarkable launch of a much-needed community resource."


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