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Grace Marketplace Opens Dorm For Homeless

Theresa Lowe, the executive director of Grace Marketplace, said the shelter tries to take everyone as they come and provide what they need. People interested must adhere to certain criteria to be considered to move into the dorms.

Residents must agree to move forward, either get a job or volunteer on the campus, and are expected to work with a case manager to form a care plan.

“They have to demonstrate they are ready to take the next step,” Lowe said.

Brown volunteered as a painter for Grace Marketplace to show his dedication to transition from a life on the streets into permanent housing of his own.

The dorms are not meant to be permanent, said Lowe. People typically will live there for a 60-to 120-day period.

Grace Marketplace provides several services for the homeless that inhabit its campus, including disability application help, mail, two meals per day and showers.

“We’re hoping to still see some more forward progress,” said Lowe. “But everyone has the right to decide what they want to do.”

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