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Success Stories

We are proud to have helped more than 5,800 people since we opened our doors in 2014. By providing safe shelter and effective services, GRACE empowers people to reclaim their lives through finding employment and housing or reconnecting with friends and family who can help. Read about the lives GRACE has changed, in large part, thanks to our generous donors and dedicated volunteers.

At GRACE, Thomas Found Respite — and a New Hope

Despite the stereotypes, few are homeless by choice; only 7% of Americans living on the streets are chronically homeless. The fact is the majority of those without homes have experienced a catastrophic life event, such as a layoff or the end of a relationship, and now simply have nowhere else to go.


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Amy & Phillip Receive Their New Keys

Homelessness often happens unexpectedly and without fault. Significant life events, such as sudden unemployment, family disputes, or losing loved ones, can lead to someone not being able to pay their bills and being forced out on the streets.


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Ali Repairs His Life & Gives Back

Ali is an unassuming maintenance man at GRACE Marketplace. Five days a week, he goes around the homeless facility fixing leaky faucets, assembling new furniture, painting outdoor benches, and doing a variety of much-needed odd jobs.


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Walter's Positivity Pays Off with a New Place

Although the fight to end homelessness is happening on many fronts, perhaps the hardest battle to win is the one against homeless stereotypes. While the average person seems to believe everyone without a home is simply looking for a free ride — the truth is rarely so simple.


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The Navigator Team Helps Mark Reunite with his Family

The line between homelessness and safe, secure housing is often much thinner than people think. In some cases, all it takes is a single event to change your life for the worse. Fortunately, sometimes all it takes is a single positive event to change it all for the best.


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A Private Donor Helps Send George Home to his Family

When the average person thinks about the homeless population, doubtless the first thought is, "That could never happen to me or my family." The sad truth, however, is that it often only takes one unfortunate event for someone to wind up without a safe place to live.


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Charlene Makes a Fresh Start with the Culinary Training Program

Of the many services offered by GRACE Marketplace, one of the most unique is the Culinary Training Program. During a 10-week course, participants are able to learn important culinary skills while helping provide meals to the hundreds of other GRACE guests.


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GRACE Helps Darryl Catch a Bus Back to His Family

Although it's not easy to think about, homelessness can happen to anyone, anywhere. In many cases, all it takes is a few missed paychecks due to a layoff to make the difference between having a secure home, and being on the street.


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Kylee and Timothy Get a Place of Their Own

Despite the stereotypes of homelessness, few are homeless by choice. Instead, the U.S. homeless population is primarily made up of those who have experienced a significant life event and now have nowhere else to go.


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Racheal Has a New Place ... a New Baby Girl

While only 7% of the homeless population in the U.S. is actually chronically homeless, that still equates to thousands in need of help to end the cycle.


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Lauren Poe
Mayor, Gainesville, FL
"They're doing remarkable work and changing the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people."
Dr. Bernie Machen
President Emeritus, UF
"GRACE's early success represents a truly remarkable launch of a much-needed community resource."


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