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Chris Helps Himself & His Peers at GRACE

One of the most important things that separate GRACE from other programs is its unique, holistic approach to solving homelessness: GRACE for the Moment, GRACE for the Journey, and GRACE for the Future.

This means the team at GRACE not only helps people take care of their immediate needs, such as food and a safe place to sleep, but provides the means for them to help themselves.

Among its many other services, GRACE places each guest with a personal case manager who can help them develop — and execute — a plan to reach their personal life goals.

Many guests at GRACE also relish in the opportunity to help their peers as a GRACE volunteer, building their confidence and sense of self-sufficiency at the same time.

Chris, one of GRACE's many success stories, was one of those volunteers. In fact, Chris spent many hours volunteering while staying at the shelter. He also worked one-on-one with a GRACE case manager to meet his personal goal of becoming housed.

We're happy to announce he moved into his own place in February. Congratulations on your new place, Chris!

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