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The concept of low-barrier shelter has emerged as a best practice over the past decade. In short, it ensures that the people who most need shelter services can access them without having to meet requirements such as the ability to produce identification, the ability to demonstrate adherence to a mental health or substance abuse treatment plan, or the ability to provide evidence of having passed a police clearance. Low-barrier shelters design their policies and practices to “screen people in” to ensure they can serve the greatest number of people possible, while still providing an atmosphere of safety and security for staff, guests, and volunteers. GRACE proudly offers 130 beds of emergency shelter across four programs - for men, women, couples, and veterans.


​In times of severe cold or severe storms, GRACE will activate severe weather shelter or cold weather shelter protocol. Our gates remain open these nights to accommodate folks, and their pets, who are seeking shelter from the weather. 

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Since July 2015, GRACE’s Veteran Shelter has moved more than 30 veterans a year off the streets and into permanent housing. In July 2020, GRACE opened a new dorm just for veterans. Our Veteran Dorm includes a shared lounging area, kitchenette, library and computer room, two restrooms with showers, and 26 beds.

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