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We serve around 300 people on the GRACE campus each day. Out in the community, our Street Outreach team and our Housing Team serve an estimated 125 people. That's over 400 people who need access to basic needs like hygiene items, blankets, coats, bagged meals, and housewarming baskets. 

Supporting one or more of our initiatives and providing these basic needs can make the difference in someone having shampoo to shower. It could mean someone has the furniture and household goods to make their new house a home. 

These initiatives make a great drive for your office or organization. 

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Create individual bags containing basic hygiene products, and deliver them assembled to GRACE Monday through Saturday between 10am-6pm. For more information, contact our Donor Care Team at

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Donate your new or lightly used blankets and coats to people experiencing homelessness in our community. Drop them off at GRACE Monday through Saturday between 10am-6pm or contact our Donor Care Team at to schedule a pick-up of your items.

Housewarming Baskets.png

Help provide basic move-in items for folks in our community who just moved into housing and make coming home feel like an occasion! Purchase the items and pack them up, or make a donation to GRACE and we will take care of the rest. Contact our Donor Care Team at

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Pack individual bagged meals for folks who are unable to make it to the meals served at Café 131. 50-75 assembled bags are preferable, but any will be appreciated. For more information contact our Donor Care Team at


Questions? Contact the Donor Care Team

Donor Care Team


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