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Street Outreach brings the best of GRACE services to people who can't, or won't use other services. Out on the streets six days a week, this team uses best practices to deliver services to people where they are and connect them to housing by building rapport, exploring options, and providing much-needed services and supplies.

Since starting in July, our team connected with more than 200 people on the street and in the woods in 2021. Of these, 79 people have been moved into permanent housing. Another 30 have left downtown and moved into shelter programs. 

Overall, that's a 35% reduction in downtown homelessness in less than a year. We've also established a referral process with local law enforcement to ensure that homelessness is treated like a housing issue, not a criminal issue. 

On average, it costs $1,500 to end someone's homelessness when they are living downtown, including the first and last month's rent and security deposit.

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