Our Team

The GRACE team is on the frontlines of ending homelessness in Gainesville, and what we're doing is working! Here are the people behind our organization, and a little bit of information on why we do what we do.

Leadership Team

Jon DeCarmine, Executive Director
Lavern Battles, Director of Cafe 131
Jane Kupfer, Director of Shelter Services
Jennifer Moises, Director of Housing Services
Karen Slevin, Director of Grants & Budget
John Thomas, Director of Advancement

Administrative, HR, Facilities, & Finance

Natalie Nandelstadt, Assistant to the Executive Director
Patrick Kelly, Data Quality and Systems Improvement Specialist
Julie Brannan, Finance Manager
Michele Gutierrez-Rohan, Facilities & People Manager
Chris Tanton, Maintenance Specialist
Ahmet Tacsi, Maintenance Specialist

Advancement & Community Engagement

Cara Linn, Communications and Events Coordinator
Caroline Casola, Development Coordinator
Abigail Perret-Gentil, Assistant Director of Community Engagement
Leigh Scott, Volunteer Coordinator
Julia Braver, Development Intern

Housing Team

Alfredo Piñate, Housing Services Manager
Rachael Ryan, Housing Case Manager
Niko Segal-Wright, Housing Case Manager
Marnie Shaeffer, Veteran Program Manager
Tracey Brown, Lead Housing Specialist
Abhimanyu Dasa, Housing Specialist
Devonte Johnson, Housing Specialist

Street Outreach Team

Mark Watson, Street Outreach Program Manager
Katie Baltzelle, Outreach Specialist
Latashia Brimm, Outreach Specialist
Jerry Giardina, Outreach Specialist
Leon Scott, Outreach Specialist
Casey Willey, Outreach Specialist
Mariette Yellen, Outreach Specialist
Eric Davis, Housing Locator & Diversion Specialist

Shelter Operations Team

Matt Zovak, Shelter Operations Manager
Mark Bonner, Operations Advocate
Anita Caldwell, Operations Advocate
Hilda Corri, Operations Advocate
Melanie Diurlin, Operations Advocate
Tara Donley, Operations Advocate
Rae Elisme, Operations Advocate
LaToya Foster, Operations Advocate
Ramont Gage, Operations Advocate
Myles Gibbs, Operations Advocate
Logan Glanzer, Operations Advocate
Nate Gow, Operations Advocate
Tyler Lever, Operations Advocate
Adrianna Philippe, Operations Advocate
Joshua Redd, Operations Advocate
Sebastian Reyes-Garcia, Operations Advocate
Kanacialal Roberts, Operations Advocate
Shantayvia Searcy, Operations Advocate
Ginelle Sukhu, Operations Advocate
Riley Yates, Animal Welfare Coordinator

Guest Safety Team

Christopher Deane, Safety Operations Manager
Lionel Santos, Safety Ambassador
Kevin Scott, Safety Ambassador
Alex Tisdale, Safety Ambassador

Café 131

Cedric Mee, Chef
Felicia Hall, Chef
Arianah Jennings, Chef


Lauren Poe
Mayor, Gainesville, FL
"They're doing remarkable work and changing the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people."
Dr. Bernie Machen
President Emeritus, UF
"GRACE's early success represents a truly remarkable launch of a much-needed community resource."


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