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Walter & Ruth are HOUSED!

Walter and Ruth had endured almost four decades of homelessness between the two of them when the Outreach team first met them at their encampment behind a gas station on Williston Road near I-75. Sheltered by an assortment of tarps strung between the trees, they had set up their camp near a small creek and had transformed this particular patch of woods into a modest, but charming, place of refuge.

During their first few encounters Walter and Ruth were pleasant, but past disappointments with other organizations led them to approach the Outreach team with skepticism. After so many years of living outside together they were resigned to their current way of life and years of failed attempts had left them wary of change.

The initial breakthrough came as the Outreach team provided Walter and Ruth with replacement IDs and bus passes, a small step towards restoring their lost connections to the world. Gradually, we were able to rebuild some trust to break down the barriers that had been built by years of hardship. As Walter and Ruth started to believe in the sincerity of the Outreach team's intentions, the focus shifted from survival to transformation.

Over four months, the Outreach team worked tirelessly to guide Walter and Ruth towards the path of stability. Soon enough, this work led to an opportunity to move into a modest home. With unwavering support, Walter and Ruth received the necessary resources and case management to facilitate their transition from the streets to a place they could finally call their own.

A year and a half later, Walter and Ruth’s lives have undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. Their once-hidden talents and aspirations that had been obscured by years of homelessness have resurfaced. They have left behind the shadows of their past and moved into a larger rented home where a thriving garden symbolizes their newfound sense of growth and renewal.

This triumphant success story stands as a testament to the power of unwavering dedication, empathy, and the possibility for change. Through the compassionate efforts of the Outreach team, Walter and Ruth have transcended their decades-long struggle and have embraced a life of stability, dignity, and hope.

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