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A Private Donor Helps Send George Home to his Family

When the average person thinks about the homeless population, doubtless the first thought is, "That could never happen to me or my family." The sad truth, however, is that it often only takes one unfortunate event for someone to wind up without a safe place to live.

In fact, even those with family willing to lend a hand — or a roof — can remain without a home if they have no means to reach the help they need. That was the case with George, who was stranded in Gainesville without a way to get back home.

When George found his way to GRACE, he completed his intake with the Navigator team. When they learned that George had family who could help him get back on his feet, the GRACE team looked for a way to get George home. That help came from a private donor, whose contribution allowed George to purchase a bus ticket back home. Thanks to a gift of just a few hundred dollars, George was able to not only get off the street, but get to the family and support he needed.

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