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Beyond the GRACE Campus is the Street Outreach Team

Updated: May 11, 2022

GRACE is a one-stop resource center for people experiencing homelessness, but it goes beyond that. That is where the Street Outreach Team comes in. No matter their circumstances or where they are in the community, the team goes above and beyond to meet folks where they are. For those who are unable to access basic needs, the Street Outreach Program decreases these barriers that traditional service providers may have. This program always focuses on housing, and the team works diligently to provide services with the intent of permanent housing.

Not only does the Street Outreach Team build connections with the folks working to get housed, but they also strengthen relations with the community, like the Gainesville Police Department, St. Francis House, and Alachua County as a whole. When the team receives referrals from the community, they respond as soon as possible, meet folks where they are, and help meet their needs.

“GRACE is good at what it does, and the Street Outreach Program helps bring a housing service to those who can’t utilize GRACE services - that’s the key.” -Mark Watson, Street Outreach Program Manager.

With an expanding team, GRACE is more confident than ever that we can END homelessness in Gainesville.

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