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Charlene Makes a Fresh Start with the Culinary Training Program

Of the many services offered by GRACE Marketplace, one of the most unique is the Culinary Training Program. During a 10-week course, participants are able to learn important culinary skills while helping provide meals to the hundreds of other GRACE guests.

One of the great success stories to come out of the Culinary Training Program is Charlene, for whom the program was just one step on the path to reach her personal goals of housing and a new job.

Charlene entered the Culinary Training Program after working with her personal GRACE case manager. While in the program, Charlene was able to develop new job skills and a renewed sense of personal confidence.

Putting her new skills to work, Charlene was able to land a steady job with a local grocer and saved enough money to get into her own place. Today, Charlene is in much better spirits than when we first met her, and we couldn't be happier for her personal successes. Way to go, Charlene!

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