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Kylee and Timothy Get a Place of Their Own

Despite the stereotypes of homelessness, few are homeless by choice. Instead, the U.S. homeless population is primarily made up of those who have experienced a significant life event and now have nowhere else to go.

Indeed, one of the most vital things to remember is that homeless people are people. They have the same thoughts, feelings, and ideas as the rest of the population, they simply lack a safe, secure home in which to experience them. People like Kylee and Timothy, GRACE success stories who met — and fell in love — at GRACE.

As a new couple, Kylee and Timothy have faced many challenges together. And despite the events that caused them to become homeless and eventually brought them to GRACE, the couple has maintained a positive attitude and perseverance every step of the way.

Working with a GRACE case manager, Kylee and Timothy were able to put together a plan for a better future, together. With a lot of hard work, the couple moved into their own place last year and are looking forward to living their new lives to the fullest!

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