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Q&A with GRACE Director of Housing Services Jennifer Moises

Jennifer Moises, Director of Housing Services for GRACE Marketplace, on her passion for hands-on work with the homeless:

What does GRACE mean to me?

“GRACE means hope, new beginnings, and no judgment.”

What made me decide to work at GRACE?

“After graduating college, I was lucky enough to be hired by a mental health agency, where I discovered my passion for working with those living with mental illness. I held a number of different positions while at the agency, but the one which I enjoyed the most was case manager. I felt like this was the position which allowed me to be the most hands-on.

“After about 10 years on the front lines I needed a break. I took a part-time position with the Alachua County Coalition for the Homeless & Hungry as an Administrative Assistant. About a year later, the Coalition opened GRACE, and offered me the first Case Manager position. I couldn’t have been more excited — I was refreshed and ready to get back on the front lines.”

What is my favorite thing about GRACE?

“I love that GRACE is low-barrier and will serve people with an active addiction. There are no drugs or alcohol allowed on the property, and people who receive our services are always encouraged to seek treatment, but if someone is under the influence and not violent, they can still receive services.”

If you'd like to get involved to help GRACE Marketplace make a difference in the community, there are several ways to help. By donating money, volunteering your time, signing up to serve a meal, or donating items on our wish list, anything you can do goes a long way.

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