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Racheal Has a New Place ... a New Baby Girl

While only 7% of the homeless population in the U.S. is actually chronically homeless, that still equates to thousands in need of help to end the cycle.

Racheal was one of the first guests to visit GRACE — and one of our first success stories. One of that 7%, Racheal fell under the "chronically homeless" umbrella until she finally found GRACE.

Although there have been a variety of attempts to provide solutions for one problem or another, they were often scattered around town. At one time, this meant those with a limited ability to travel — and a variety of more pressing needs — would have to journey from one side of town to another to reach the services they needed to start making strides.

Until GRACE. Not only does GRACE offer meals, showers, and a safe place to stay, but GRACE has also brought dozens of vital services together in one location.

Despite her unstable history, Racheal was still hopeful of a brighter future. Not only was Racheal a frequent volunteer while she was at the shelter, she now actively advocates for the homeless.

She worked with the GRACE shelter program to finally reach her goal of becoming housed. Today, Racheal has a lovely baby girl. Congratulations on your hard work, Racheal!

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