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Walter's Positivity Pays Off with a New Place

Although the fight to end homelessness is happening on many fronts, perhaps the hardest battle to win is the one against homeless stereotypes. While the average person seems to believe everyone without a home is simply looking for a free ride — the truth is rarely so simple.

Indeed, instead of a handout, the guests at GRACE are actually looking for the means to help themselves. In fact, once the basic necessities are no longer their sole concern, guests are able to make strong strides toward finding a new home and stable employment.

While at GRACE, success story Walter didn't squander the help he received or take advantage of GRACE's services so he wouldn't have to do for himself. For Walter, the respite he found at GRACE allowed him to focus on his goals of becoming housed and finding a new job.

In addition to working with a GRACE case manager to reach his personal goals, Walter spent hours volunteering with GRACE while he stayed at the shelter. Proving the stereotypes wrong, Walter did what he could to give back even while working on bettering his own life. Walter kept a positive attitude while he stayed at GRACE, and it definitely paid off — Walter moved into his own place this month! Congratulations on your new place, Walter!

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