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Your Gift Ends Homelessness for Folks like Willie!

You’ve already made an incredible difference in the lives of our homeless neighbors. Your gift to GRACE was more than just a gift - it was a life-changing opportunity for someone to move off the street and into housing! This past year, nearly 4,000 people received life-sustaining services on our campus. Even better: Together, we moved 562 people into housing!

Our Street Outreach team moved 126 people into housing this year, reducing downtown homelessness by 25%. In the first year of the program, we handled 45 referrals from law enforcement, allowing us to respond to homelessness as a social services issue rather than a law enforcement issue.

You’ve also helped us start a new Community Care team to make sure when we end someone’s homelessness, we do it for good. The team provides follow-up care for recently housed people, with a 98% success rate. And back on our campus, our nationally-recognized Animal Welfare program ensures that owning a pet doesn’t keep someone from getting the help they need.

You’ve also helped us support people like Willie. Born in 1942 in the Historic Duval Neighborhood, Willie came to GRACE after an eviction left him with no place to go. Your support provided us with flexible funds we can use to fill the gaps in our grant funding, so when Willie showed up on our campus, we were able to get him back into a beautiful home on the very same day he arrived.

So when you’re considering what impact your gift has on our programs and services, know this: it is monumental for people like Willie.

Please renew your support of GRACE today so that TOGETHER we can continue to provide these services and so much more. As always, it is our honor to provide these services to our community, and it is an honor to have YOU as part of Team GRACE.

With gratitude,

John Thomas, Director of Advancement

P.S. Give today and DOUBLE your donation! The first $15,000 in donations will be matched by our friends at The Wagmore Foundation. Don’t wait to make your gift today and double your impact!

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